When you give to Cassandra Scott Ministries, Turning Point Faith Church, or any of the interests or business initiatives that I support, your
funds enable me to fulfill my full-time call into the ministry empowering families, individuals, and organizations to fulfill their God-given
purpose. I want you to know that is a task that I do not take lightly.  

Important Financial Information: Created2Produce (Cassandra Scott Ministries) does not have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is not exempt from Federal income taxes. We cannot receive tax-deductible gifts, grants, and
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It is the personal ministry, speaking,
coaching and mentoring platform of Cassandra Scott. Therefore, any funds, fees and donations made to Cassandra Scott are not eligible for
tax-deductible contributions. To support the non-profit causes and interests of Cassandra Scott, please consider contributing to the church,
our 501(3) non-profit charitable organization,
Turning Point Faith Ministries. Click here

When you contribute to any Cassandra Scott initiative, please be sure to indicate which organization you are supporting. All undesignated
interests or contributions go directly to Cassandra Scott to be used at her discretion. If you are sending via regular mail, please specify your
interests or contribution and mail all correspondence directly to:
Cassandra Scott
P.O. Box 841236
Pearland, TX 77584.

For more info, please contact Cassandra Scott

Thank you for your business and support.
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OUR GOAL - $150,000
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